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Installation Guide

Installation Guide:

Note: this is a general installation guide for all of our models of door pins, the installation is essentially the same for all models. 

Step 1: Open the door and securely support the door from the bottom as well as the side, making sure it cant fall over as you will be removing the door. 

Step 2: Remove the stock spring retaining clips on the pins.

Step 3: Press or punch out the stock pins. 

Step 4: Pull the door away slightly. Enough to access the bushings. (Be cautious of pulling any wiring running into the door.)

Step 5: Press or punch out the stock bushings.

Step 6: Clean the bushing and pin holes. 

Step 7: Install the EnduraPin bushings from your kit into the appropriate bushing locations. Depending on the model, your kit may have identical size bushings in all locations or different sized bushings. The bushings will press fit very tightly into the hinge plates. There are many ways of pressing the bushings in, a method we recommend is using a bolt, nut, washers and a socket to do so. See Figure 2 and 3. 

Step 8: Re-align the door and body hinge plates as they were.

Step 9: (Optional) Grease the inside of the bushing holes with a thick grease. 

Step 10: Install the new EnduraPin pins included in your kit. We recommend using a small mallet or hammer to tap the pins in. The knurled section of the pin will press fit tightly into the hinge plate and the head of the pin should sit flush with the hinge plate. Be sure to keep the tension pin hole aligned to where you can see through the hole from your installation position.

Step 11: Press the included tension pins into the holes in the pins. There are extra pins included incase you loose them 

See the diagrams below showing how the complete assembly should go together. Your kit may differ slightly in terms of pin and bushing shape.  

Figure 1: